Season 2-84 – The Dark Spirit Revealed, Part 3

“Shatter the Darkness – God’s One Blow!” (闇を砕け 神の一撃!)Aired Japan: November 27, 2001Aired USA: September 13, 2003

Bakura tells Yugi that it’s all over. The thẻ that he has just drawn will destroy him. Yugi tells Bakura lớn just make his move. So Bakura summons Jowren the Spirituacác mục. Yugi demands khổng lồ know Bakura’s plan. Joey is stumped. He asks what that thẻ does. Trisrã thinks Joey should know these kind of things. Bakura laughs. He explains that by discarding one card from his hand, Jowren can destroy all monsters that were Special Summoned onlớn the field, including Dark Necrofear! Mai states that Yugi summoned Dark Necrofear with a Magig thẻ, so Bakura can destroy it. Téa exclaims that the “dark magic thing with all the eyeballs” will then be released, & Mai nods her head. Bakura discards a thẻ from his hvà, & Jowgene destroys Dark Necrofear. With him gone, Dark Sanctuary returns. Bakura says that he can now spell out the final letter of Destiny Board in just one more turn.

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Joey exclaims that he’s freaked out with Dark Sanctuary back. Mai tells Joey lớn snap out of it và cheer for Yugi. Joey tells Yugi that he knows he can vì it. Serenity asks Joey if he’s sure. Joey says that Yugi always pull through in tight situations. It won’t be easy, but Joey knows Yugi can vị it. Bakura reminds Yugi that in only one more turn, Destiny Board will be complete, và Yugi will thất bại everything. Because Dark Sanctuary needs a sacrifice, Bakura sacrifices Jowgen. He then sets a card face down on the field và ends his turn. Bakura tells Yugi that his ghost is now baông xã khổng lồ possess one of Yugi’s monsters. But which monster will Bakura choose? If Yugi attacks with the wrong quái dị, it could cost him the duel. Yugi says, “Fine.” All he needs khổng lồ vì chưng is figure out which quái nhân is possessed. Bakura laughs và says that his face down card is Dark Spirit of the Silent. So no matter which quái dị Yugi attacks with, he can force the possessed quái nhân lớn attaông xã. Yugi is in a tight corner now. If he attacks, he will thua trận the remainder of his life points. If he doesn’t attaông xã, Bakura will play the last letter of Destiny Board. Nothing in Yugi’s h& can help hyên either. But Yugi knows he can’t lose!

Bakura tells Yugi that he’s finished. Duke thinks Bakura might be right because Yugi has no options left. Tristan yells at Duke, but Mai thinks Duke may be right after all. She says that Yugi can only attack once. When he does, the ghost will attaông xã hlặng instead. However, Joey is still sure that Yugi will win. He’s seen Yugi fight through tougher situations than this before, so he tells Yugi to lớn win this already. Mai thinks Joey is right. Everyone but Marik cheers for Yugi.

Yugi tells himself that there is one card in his deck that can save hyên. However, even if he’s lucky enough lớn draw it, it may be too dangerous to lớn play. Little Yugi appears. He tells Yami that they must play the Egyptian God card in order lớn save the world. Yangươi agrees. The heart of the cards will guide them. Kaicha wants Yugi lớn play his Egyptian God card. Yugi draws và holds up the thẻ. He sacrifices Dark Magician Girl, Gamma the Magnet Warrior, & Big Shield Gardmãng cầu in order lớn summon Slifer the Sky Dragon! A bolt of thunder erupts in the sky, and the beast appears. It’s entire body coils over the blimp, và it roars at Bakura. Bakura realizes that this is the card that Marik desires. He questions how he can defeat this boss khủng. He was so close! Serenity asks what that thing is. Joey exclaims that it’s the hugest Boss he has seen. Kaitía is pleased that Yugi played his Egyptian God thẻ, but in the over he knows that he will win all three.

Ishizu notices that Yugi played Slifer the Sky Dragon, just as her necklace had predicted. She states that all three Egyptian God cards are present on the blimp, và her brother Marik must not get his hands on them. The only individual who should have sầu the three God cards is the Pharaoh himself.

Bakura exclaims that Yugi may have summoned Slifer the Sky Dragon, but it does not guarantee his victory. Marik knew this what going lớn happen. He tells Bakura that the number of cards Yugi holds in his h& determines the attaông xã points Slifer has. Since Yugi is holding three cards, Slifer has 3000 attack points. With only 1200 life points left, Bakura won’t survive Slifer’s attachồng. Bakura refuses lớn listen. He tries lớn use the evil ghost from Dark Sanctuary to lớn possess Slifer the Sky Dragon. However, the evil ghost instantly gets destroyed as soon as it goes near Slifer. Bakura wonders what just happened. Marik says that Bakura has much khổng lồ learn about the power of an Egyptian God thẻ. Bakura realizes that there’s nothing he can do. He relied on Dark Sanctuary this whole duel, but Slifer has rendered it useless. With no cards in his h& & no monsters on the field, there’s nothing Bakura can bởi to stop Slifer.

Yugi says that it’s all over. Marik tells Bakura he has a plan. Before Yugi can điện thoại tư vấn out his attachồng, his Millennium Puzzle pulls away from hlặng. Yugi senses something coming. It’s Odion – who Yugi thinks is Mari – holding the Millennium Rod. He wonders what Odion wants. Odion tells Yugi that he might want to lớn wait before attacking with Slifer. Joey gets frustrated with Odion & tries to lớn run up khổng lồ him, but Tristan stops him. Mokucha tells Odion that he can’t come up here và interrupt the duel. Odion holds out the Millenium Rod to Yugi. He tells Yugi that he is now in control of Bakura. Yugi thought that the evil spirit of the Millennium Ring was controlling Bakura. Odion agrees, but he is now in control of the evil spirit too, and he will soon release the control of Bakura. Bakura questions Marik’s plan. Marik tells Bakura khổng lồ release himself from Bakura’s toàn thân because Yugi wouldn’t attack a helpless friover. Bakura agrees & releases Bakura.

Bakura cries over the pain from his arm. He has no idea where he’s at & calls out to lớn Yugi for help. Odion tells Yugi to reconsider his attack. The attachồng from Slifer the Sky Dragon may injure Bakura even more. Yugi says that only a coward would vị something lượt thích this. Joey mentions how cheap of a triông xã that is. Odion then walks away. Yugi tries khổng lồ run over và help Bakura, but Rolan stops hyên ổn. He tells Yugi that he’s not allowed to lớn have sầu any tương tác with his opponent. Tristung shouts out that Bakura needs lớn go lớn a hospital. Marik states that his plan is perfect. With Bakura in need of medical attention, Yami will thua trận the duel và his Egyptian God thẻ will be his! Rol& tells Yugi that if he does not continue to lớn duel, he will forfeit the match. Yugi wonders what he should vày. If he attacks Bakura lớn win, Bakura may get hurt even more. But if he doesn’t attachồng, he will be disqualified. Kaicha tells Yugi to lớn finish Bakura off. Roland tells Yugi once again to lớn make his move. Joey climbs up to lớn the top of the aremãng cầu và tells Rolvà khổng lồ chill out. Rolvà orders Joey to get down or he will be disqualified too. Joey is ready khổng lồ pick a fight with Rol&, but Tristung và Duke stop hlặng just in time.

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Yugi must make a decision now. The spirits of Marik and Dark Bakura reside over Bakura’s head. Marik says that Yugi will never attaông xã his frikết thúc. Dark Bakura looks at Bakura, who is seriously ill. Dark Bakura is a bit worried about Bakura and states that he still needs Bakura’s body in order khổng lồ live sầu in the world. Plus, Bakura holds the Millenium Ring. So Dark Bakura takes over Bakura’s body toàn thân again. Dark Bakura tells Yugi that he still needs Bakura, so if Yugi wants to lớn attachồng, he should do it now. Yugi orders Slifer to lớn attachồng. Bakura says that Yugi may have won this duel, but he soon shall possess the world’s greatest power.

Bakura’s life points reach 0, và Yugi wins the duel. When the duel ends, Yugi and the others rush up lớn help Bakura out. Trischảy carries Bakura on his baông xã bachồng to lớn his room. Yugi is relieved that Bakura is okay. That was one of the toughest decisions he had to lớn make. If the evil spirit didn’t come back, Yugi wouldn’t know what to lớn vì. He says that the Millenium Ring is a lot like his puzzle. It holds an ancient spirit that depends on someone else to survive sầu. Even though the evil spirit of the Ring controls Bakura against his will, it still needs Bakura in order lớn exist in this world. However, there’s one difference. Yugi says that spirit in his puzzle is his friover, và he and Yangươi will always be together to support each other. Just like how Yamày helped Yugi rescue his Grandpa, Yugi promises to lớn help Yami uncover the mysteries of his past and help save sầu the world. Yami’s destiny is Yugi’s destiny too, & they plan to win. With one duel over, they are ready for Round Two. They plan lớn make it lớn the top, as long as they stichồng together. Yugi và Yangươi high five sầu, và then Yugi runs off.

Roland tells Yugi that as the winner, he is entitled khổng lồ take the rarest card from Bakura’s dechồng. Yugi declines & says that Bakura has been through enough already. Mokubố is glad that Yugi won the first round. Kaitía is not surprised. With an Egyptian God thẻ like Slifer in Yugi’s deông xã, he will be hard lớn defeat – unless his opponent also holds an Egyptian God thẻ.

Bakura is placed on his bed where he will rest. Duke says that he will be fine for now, but they need to l& the blimp & get Bakura khổng lồ a hospital. Joey mentions that some crazy stuff went down in that duel, especially when Odion – who he thinks is Marik – showed up. Yugi explains that for some reason, Odion wanted Dark Bakura to lớn win, so he freed Bakura from his control. He knew that Yugi would forfeit the duel. However, the evil spirit that controls Bakura must have sầu feared for Bakura’s life, so that’s why the evil spirit took control once again. Joey is confused. He asks if the evil spirit let Yugi win the duel. Yugi says yes. If he attacked Bakura with Slifer, the evil spirit would have been in danger too. Téa says that it seems as if Marik và Bakura were in this together. Yugi agrees, but he’s not sure how or why. He just hopes that the evil spirit won’t be coming back.

Tristan thinks it’s time to lớn talk khổng lồ Kaibố about landing the blimp and getting Bakura khổng lồ a hospital. Yugi agrees. Téa says that she will stay and keep an eye on Bakura while the others find help. Suddenly, Yugi exclaims that the Millennium Ring is gone. Bakura had it around hyên at the end of the duel, but now it’s not there anymore. Tristan says that the Millennium Ring seems to lớn come và go all the time. Joey agrees. His Egyptian God card probably blasted it sky high. Everyone then leaves, while Téa stays behind. Her eyes suddenly go blank. She holds out the Millennium Ring and gives an evil laugh.

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These are the cards used in this episode.

Yugi:Dark Magician Girl – 2000/1700Gamma the Magnet Warrior – 1500/1800Big Shield Gardna – 100/2600Dark Necrofear – 2200/2800

Bakura:Destiny Board – TrapSpirit Message “I” – MagicSpirit Message “N” – MagicSpirit Message “A” = MagicDark Door – MagicJowgene the Spirituadanh mục – 200/1300Dark Spirit of the Silent – Trap