your music is very . can't you just stop it


Bạn đang xem: your music is very . can't you just stop it

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Your music is very ____. Can't you just stop it?

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If you can tự something to tướng help others, you will find your life ____.

Some of the students were ____ at English, ví volunteer teachers had to tướng try very hard.

She wishes she could tự some _____ work this summer.

Life is sometimes very harsh for ____ families in big cities.

The local government provides financial tư vấn to tướng the children of ____ parents.

This charity provides financial tư vấn and mental comfort to tướng ____ children.

You can ____ books, clothes, medicine and money to tướng this charity.

Volunteer work helps young people know their strong and weak points before they enter the ____.

If we ____ the roads in this area, the economy can develop.

She has a lot of ____ in this field, ví she was offered the job.

Taking care of the needs of the old, the sick and the homeless is our ____.

Local people in this neighborhood have been supplied with ____ for five years now.

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Mary wrote a letter of ____ to tướng Microsoft yesterday after seeing their advertisement in the morning.

Building necessary ____ such as hospitals, schools and parks is important.

My sister is writing a letter to tướng apply for the ____ of an English teacher at the center.


Both A & B are correct.

What ____ in Paris in 2004?

I ____ in the queue when I ____ that I had lost my wallet.


was standing - was realizing


was standing - realized

What ____ _when you injured your finger? - I was playing volleyball.

This time last week, we ____ for the exam. It was ví hot in the examination room.


would have been sitting

When I first saw Miriam, I ____ her to tướng come in for tea and we talked for nearly two hours.

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