Tradition Là Gì

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Bạn đang xem: Tradition là gì




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tradition /trə"diʃn/ danh từ
sự truyền miệng (truyện cổ tích, phong tục tập quán... từ đời nọ qua đời kia) truyền thuyếtbased only on tradition(s): chỉ dựa vào truyền thuyết truyền thốngthe tradition of heroism: truyền thống anh hùngLĩnh vực: xây dựngtruyền thốngclassical tradition: truyền thống cổ điểnnational tradition: truyền thống dân tộcsự chuyển nhượng (quyền sở hữu)truyền thốngtruyền thống, (sự) chuyển nhượng (quyền sở hữu)tradition longs menugiao hàng tay dài (giao tận nhà)tradition symbolicgiao hàng tượng trưng

Word families (Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs): tradition, traditionalist, traditionalism, traditional, traditionally

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Từ điển Collocation

tradition noun

ADJ. age-old, ancient, archaic, centuries-old, deep-rooted, enduring, living, long/long-established, old, time-honoured, unbroken, well-established | distinguished, fine, great, honourable | cherished, hallowed | dominant, powerful, strong | ancestral, family | local, national, native | folk, popular | oral | Catholic, Christian, pagan, etc. | Eastern, English, European, etc. | 19th-century, classical, medieval, modernist, etc. | academic, artistic, cultural, ideological, literary, military, musical, philosophical, political, religious, sociological, sporting, teaching, theatrical This region has a great sporting tradition. | democratic, liberal, radical, revolutionary

VERB + TRADITION have | cherish, continue, follow (in), keep alive, maintain, preserve, uphold Following in the Hitchcock tradition, he always appears in the films he directs. Villagers get together every year to keep this age-old tradition alive. | hand down an oral tradition handed down from generation to generation | break (with), go against He broke with the family tradition and did not go down the mines. | establish, start | revive

TRADITION + VERB continue, die hard, survive Old habits and traditions die hard.

PREP. according to (a/the) ~ According to tradition, a tree grew on the spot where the king was killed. | by ~ By tradition, nobody interrupts an MP"s maiden speech. | in (a/the) ~ In time-honoured tradition, a bottle of champagne was smashed on the ship. He"s a politician in the tradition of (= similar in style to) Kennedy.

PHRASES a departure from tradition In a departure from tradition, the bride wore a red dress. | in the best traditions of sth The building was constructed in the best traditions of medieval church architecture. | respect for tradition I acquired lasting respect for tradition and veneration for the past.

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