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Anime fans praised the main animator Keniđưa ra Aoki for his work on OPM Season 2 while still claiming, “It’s collapsing và even Aoki can’t save us from bad production.”

The production was so difficult that the staff delayed the release of the second season’s Blu-ray Disc và DVD box sets by two months.

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“Apropos of nothing, but if your production crashes hard enough that you have to delay every disc release for months, maybe you should have postponed the broadcast rather than jumping off a cliff unprepared just lớn be timely (which you weren’t anyway),” wrote kVin of Sakuga Blog. “Delays are good but this rubs me the wrong way.”

As for the possibility of a studio change for One Punch Man Season 3, Jaymes Hason tweeted, “I’ll update if I hear anything.”

Regardless of how OPM Season 2 dinged their reputation, J.C. Staff is best known for the originalSorcerous Stabber Orphen anime, theKonoSubố movie,Is It Wrong to lớn Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?, A Certain Scientific Railgun, và Netflix’s EDENS ZERO anime series.

In 2022, Studio J.C. Staff was working ontheDate A Live sầu Season 4 anime, How a Readanh sách Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom Part 2, Requiem of the Rose King, The Strongest Sage with the Weakest Crest, The Executioner và Her Way of Life, and The Detháng Girl Next DoorSeason 2. They’ve also scheduled theDanMađưa ra Season 4 release date for 2022.

In addition, The Duke of Death và His Maid Season 2 anime& EDENS ZERO Season 2 are both already in production. A new KonoSutía anime project was announced in 2021 (could it beKonoSucha Season 3?).

Besides the studio, the main staff making One Punch Man Season 3 hasn’t been announced yet.

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For the second season, director Shingo Natsume (Sonny Boy, ACCA 13, Space Dandy, Boogiepop And Others) was replaced by Chikara Sakurai (Shenmue the Animation). The new director also was an episode director and worked on storyboards.

Sound director Yoshikazu Iwanangươi was also replaced by Shoji Hata.

However, the main staff wasn’t all new people. Character designer Chikashi Kubota (FLCL Progressive sầu, key animation for Dragon Ball Super: Broly), series composition writer Tomohiro Suzuki (ACCA 13, Boogiepop And Others), và composer Makoto Miyazaki (mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans) all returned after their 2015 success on the first season.

The One Punch Man Season 3 OP (opening) và ED (ending) theme tuy nhiên music hasn’t been announced yet.

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For the second season, the One Punch Man OP “Uncrowned Greakiểm tra Hero (Seijaki no Apostle)” was performed by JAM Project, while the ED “Even Without a Map, I’ll Return (Chizu ga Nakutemo Modoru kara)” was performed by Makokhổng lồ Furukawa.