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SynopsisTo live sầu from bottom-class to lớn top-class farmer, our protagonist Aru Wayn levelled up his agricultural skills, và sometimes his other skills leveled up as well by helping out his friends. One day, when his last skill màn chơi hit MAX, his life changes."I want to lớn live sầu as a normal farmer!!"(Source: MU)


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Okay. I’m surprised to be the first Review. Obviously this manga has a very small community & not any 2000+ people have decided lớn write a reviews.. I binged all the manga’s chapters in a day. Yes it is an ongoing manga but I don’t think we’ll be getting anymore chapters. I’m most likely sure the last chapter was a while ago. I will of course update this if there are most chapters. The reason I doubt this is I DONT KNOW THE TIME WHEN THE LAST CHAPTER WAS RELEASED. But in these last chapters, if you read online you’ll see they have an extremely low budget & we’re asking for donations before the chapters started around chapter 17 maybe. As of right now there’s a total of 25 chapters. I think the budget was not enough khổng lồ keep this manga running. Story 10/10I liked the storyline & particularly the fact there were many love interests available for our protagonist Al Wayne. The story goes to the depths of emotions. Grief, pity, Rage, revenge, love sầu.. it’s all experienced in this manga. Unfortunately I don’t see this manga picking up traction.Art 10/10It takes time khổng lồ ink such tedious things. I know this had a low budget but it seems lớn be full of effort và true passion stronger than most of our big budget company anime’s và manga you see today. Character 7/10The love interests are great as a normal manga should have but I don’t understvà. Yes this guy did save your life but after 2 days or something of knowing hlặng you’ve sầu fallen? That I dislike but it’s fine. Enjoyment 10/10It’s a binge worthy manga, just give sầu it a try. On my manga danh mục you’ll see I put it on hold since it’s technically “on-going”Overall 9/10I wished this manga had bigger opportunities. The synopsis is incorrect so I submitted my change of the proper description with PROPER NAMES. LIKE WHAT IS “AR WAYN” ITS “AL WAYNE”. I also submitted khổng lồ add some more characters.