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  • His work focuses on the life in the countryside and emphasizes the power of love which can salve the bad things.
  • After the fall of the house of Jia, in the version of Gao E and Cheng Weiyuan, she marries the son of a wealthy rural family introduced by Granny Liu and goes on to tướng lead a happy, uneventful life in the countryside.
  • There he found peace in his soul through a simple and tranquil life in the countryside.
  • He spent most of his life in the countryside of Flanders.
  • Some of these additions reflected the way of life in the countryside, while others were examples of urban environments.
  • He lives a quiet life in the countryside as a farmer although he is a skilled swordmaster.
  • His four volumes eventually found a trang chính at the Suffolk Record Office, and have become an invaluable source of information about everyday life in the countryside at that time.
  • Those who chose to tướng serve the government were obliged to tướng assist the king in governing the nation properly, and once out of office, led a quiet life in the countryside, teaching and leading the people in the right direction.
  • While Guangming and Qingcheng lead a happy life in the countryside, Kunlun uses his tốc độ power to tướng see the Veil of Time and learns that Wuhuan is responsible for the destruction of his family and homeland.
  • Historical Fiction or Books about the quiet life in the countryside.
  • It gives a vivid picture of life in the countryside.
  • During that period from 1613 to tướng 1623, Gim Yuk, denying King's pardoning, managed to tướng get along, and experienced and witnessed the real peasant life in the countryside.
  • Lisa lived her entire life in the countryside at Mårdaklev in Älvsborgs län.
  • In this attention for rural life Grimmer's work shows a parallel with the landscapes ascribed to tướng the Master of the Small Landscapes which were first published around 1560 and signaled a move away from the world landscape with its religious scenes towards an engagement with the real life in the countryside.
  • Directly below the summit is the village of Helekpe, which provides hospitality, with a guest house and guides who lead tours to tướng the summit of Adaklu and show and explain aspects of local life in the countryside.

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