Incision là gì

an opening that is made in something with a sharp tool, especially in someone"s body during an operation:

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A midline scalp incision was made & the underlying periosteum removed lớn facilitate identification of the coronal & sagittal sutures.
If inadequate, then a vertical incision is made in the pulmonary artery, a full valvotomy performed without peripheral release, và the "annulus" remeasured.
Solitary lesion on nail fold at day 11 of infection và incision of the lesion are seen (adễ thương stage).
The chambers were implanted intraperitoneally inlớn immunized and control jirds through an incision of 2 - 3 centimet and the skin was sutured under anaesthesia.
The abdominal cavity was opened by a ventral longitudinal incision and the organs inspected in situ for parasites.
The incipient channels grow through the self-reinforcing interaction of the focusing of flow down troughs and incision.
The needle was held in the incision site for 30 seconds to lớn prevent fluid from leaking out of the eye.
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