How To Get Started Streaming On Facebook Gaming

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This article explains how khổng lồ stream games on Facebook Gaming from your computer, Smartphone device, or gaming console.

How to Stream on Facebook Gaming

After you've sầu set up your equipment and software, follow these steps to lớn begin streaming:


In your broadcast software, select Facebook Live for the Service. To vì this in OBS Studio, go to lớn File > Settings > Stream.

Enter the Stream Key and Server URL inkhổng lồ your streaming software settings. To do this in OBS Studio, go khổng lồ File > Settings > Stream.

Once you've set up your stream, start streaming in your broadcast software. A pReview appears on Facebook. Select the small window lớn make it larger.

Monitoring Your Facebook Gaming Streaming

After going live sầu, Facebook takes you khổng lồ the Creator Studio, where you'll see helpful information like your number of viewers, stream health, & comments. You can return to lớn the Creator Studio at any time to lớn manage your streams and upload videos. Select Insights khổng lồ see your viewer metrics & earnings.

What Do You Need khổng lồ Stream Games on Facebook?

Facebook Gaming supports streaming from PCs or consoles with an HDXiaoMI port, so if you want to stream from your console, you"ll need to lớn connect it lớn your computer using a đoạn Clip capture card. Additionally, you"ll need some third-các buổi party game streaming software, such as OBS Studio or Streamlabs OBS.

You"ll probably also want to invest in a unique webcam and a USB mic. To make your streams as professional as possible, consider a complete game streaming thiết lập.

Setting Up Your Facebook Gaming Stream

Before you begin streaming, you'll need to lớn phối up your broadcast software. The process differs depending on which program you use. Facebook recommends the following settings:

In addition khổng lồ broadcasting gameplay footage, you'll also want lớn create a visually appealing layout for your stream. At a minimum, your stream should include a background image & a webcam.

Create a Facebook Gaming Stream Layout in OBS Studio

While you can use Photocửa hàng lớn create a streaming layout for Clip games, here"s how to phối up a basic layout using OBS Studio.

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Go to File > Settings > Video và change the Base Output resolutions to 1920x1080, then select OK. This resizes your stream khổng lồ the best aspect ratio for broadcasting.

To add a background image, right-clichồng the blank workspace and select Add > Image. If the image isn't 1920x1080 pixels, you'll have the opportunity khổng lồ rekích cỡ it.

Keep an eye on the Sources box at the bottom of the screen khổng lồ ensure the background image layer stays at the bottom of the list.

If you want to add a webcam, right-clichồng the OBS studio workspace and select Add > Video Capture Device. Give it a simple name like "webcam," and make sure it's above sầu the background in the Sources box.

To stream gameplay footage from your PC, right-clichồng the blank workspace & select Add > trò chơi Capture.

Set the Mode to lớn Capture specific window, then choose your game as the Window (the program must be running).

To stream footage from a game console, unplug the console's HDMI cable from your TV, plug it inkhổng lồ the capture thẻ, và then connect the capture card to lớn your computer with the USB cable.

Turn on the console, then right-cliông chồng the OBS studio workspace & select Add > Video Capture Device.

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After you select your capture thẻ, live footage from the console should appear on your computer. Rekích cỡ the window & move sầu it khổng lồ where you want it on your screen layout.