Game of Thrones is a series that’s often been plagued by leaks, both from the network & people cthảm bại to lớn the production process. Without George R.R. Martin’s books khổng lồ act as source material, it’s left fans with little lớn go off of in terms of deciphering the upcoming season. Reddit user awayforthelads recently claimed khổng lồ possess knowledge that spans the entirety of Season 7, laying out virtually every major plot point yet lớn come. It first surfaced in the r/FreeFolk sub-Reddit, và has caused an avalanche of speculation as khổng lồ the verathành phố of the claims.

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The user has since deleted their trương mục, but you can see an episode-by-episode breakdown of their claims here if you’re interested in potentially spoiling Season 7 for yourself. The most important question here is simple: Is this real, or simply the wild claims of an anonymous fan? Let’s look at the facts.

1. HBO has yet khổng lồ bình luận, & that’s actually pretty telling


HBO logo | HBO

If you’ll rethành viên, trò chơi of Thrones’ fifth season featured a similarly massive leak when the first four episodes snuchồng out online. This later led khổng lồ a strict “no screener” policy for HBO, who themselves made a very vocal and public scene about tracking down the ones responsible.

The network has been suspiciously quiet in the wake of the alleged Season 7 leak though. The most Den of Geek was able to get out of them was a flat declaration that they would not “phản hồi on storyline or plot.” If awayforthelads’ claims were patently false with no basis in reality, you’d think HBO would have sầu a vested interest in immediately decrying the “leak.” Instead, awayforthelads quietly deleted his Reddit tài khoản, while HBO clammed up entirely.

2. Weirdly specific details in the leaks are beginning to lớn actually come true


trò chơi of Thrones Season 6 | HBO

If you don’t want khổng lồ hear anything concerning potential spoilers for Season 7, we recommkết thúc ducking out now. Everyone good? Awesome. When awayforthelads’ post first showed up on Reddit, it was easy to dismiss it as sheer speculation. But recent rumors straight from the phối of trò chơi of Thrones have given us reason lớn pause. Watchers on the Wall reports on a scene filmed in Seville, Spain that shows Jon Snow bringing a wight into lớn Kings Landing, with Cersei, Tyrion, Daenerys, Sandor Clegane, and the Mountain present as well.

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That aligns frighteningly well with awayforthelads’ original claims, predicting an identical scene a full three weeks before Watchers on the Wall’s own report went live sầu. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut, but such a specific claim actually proving lớn be true doesn’t seem at all coincidental.

3. So who is this guy anyway?


The Iron Throne | HBO

Anytime sensitive sầu information leaks out, the question always turns toward whether or not the person who leaked the information is actually qualified to have sầu that information in the first place. The thing is, we have sầu no idea who awayforthelads is, or how he (or she) even came inlớn somehow knowing how Season 7 plays out. If he ends up being right, this would reside in the upper tier of “biggest TV leaks of all time.” If he’s wrong, it’s merely someone trying to lớn stir the pot for attention, even if the subsequent deletion of his Reddit account throws a wrench in that possibility. Either way, there aren’t many facts to lớn support the idea that one person managed to swipe an entire season’s story from a famously tight-lipped network like HBO.

4. A source cthua trận khổng lồ the show opens up about the leak

Jon Snow going up against the Bolton army | HBO

While awayforthelads’ credentials are unclear, already we’ve sầu had one Reddit user whose “source is one of the major actors/actresses in the show” shed some light on the situation. In a lengthy post in r/FreeFolk, he claims that awayforthelads “was either guessing how those storylines would over or he was intentionally making up alternate ending.” “I saw that his story was wrong based on what I know và I replied khổng lồ one of his long comments saying that half of what he wrote was wrong,” he notes, going on to point out that “instead of replying to lớn me he deleted his comments which I was referring to lớn & it proves that he was making things up because he simply avoided confronting me.” The sum total is a whole lot of he said / she said, but it’s still a valuable piece of the puzzle nonetheless.

5. If the leak ends up being true, it would be unprecedented in modern television

This leak would blow the lid off of TV in a big way | HBO

There’s a reason we don’t see full plot outlines of major TV shows arriving months before they air. Networks have protocols for keeping story details under wraps, legal language that allows them to lớn sue the pants off of anyone who violates those protocols, và redundancies stacked on redundancies to tư vấn all that.

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After trò chơi of Thrones’ fifth season leaked, HBO doubled down on secrecy, making it so Jon Snow’s Season 6 fate was a true surprise until the moment the episode went live sầu. For Season 7’s entire story khổng lồ leak out into lớn the world, it would represent an unprecedented security breach for both HBO, and the modern television industry as we know it. So while it’s certainly not impossible for awayforthelads’ claims to be true, it’s also wildly improbable. Regardless, we won’t know for sure until the new season kicks off next summer.