EA SPORTS FIFA Online 3 is coming khổng lồ Korea. The PC online soccer game based on the world’s best selling sports videogame franchise is mix to lớn bring the high chất lượng gameplay synonymous with the EA SPORTS FIFA franchise lớn Korean gamers & soccer fans. Developed by EA Seoul Studio, và published in Korea by Nexon, the new game is expected to launch in late 2012.

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Delivering the best next generation technologies from the EA SPORTS FIFA franchise, EA SPORTS FIFA Online 3 offers the most authentic in-game experience ever. Players will experience improved gameplay and strategies, enhanced graphics, the latest rosters, & extensive sầu use of official licenses – including cthua thảm lớn 15,000 real world players from 30 leagues & 40 national teams. The new PC online game adds new techniques và features, improved artificial intelligence, enhanced animation & dynamic 5-on-5 multiplayer competition.

Today, NEXON Co., Ltd.

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(“Nexon”) a worldwide leader in free-to-play online games, & EA announced a publishing agreement under which Nexon Korea Corporation, a subsidiary of Nexon, will publish EA SPORTS FIFA Online 3 in Korea. The agreement accelerates Nexon’s strategy to lớn enter the sports game market by partnering with globally successful IPhường developers và further diversifies its deep portfolio with a blockbuster soccer game that has enjoyed worldwide success. Leveraging Nexon’s powerful global publishing operations, players can count on the high unique services and experiences that EA SPORTS FIFA Online fans have sầu come lớn expect.

Min Seo, CEO of Nexon Korea Corporation, said, “The EA SPORTS FIFA series is the absolute gold standard for soccer games và we are thrilled that the new game will be published through Nexon. We think EA SPORTS FIFA Online 3 will ignite the sports genre in Korea, offering fans a truly authentic gameplay experience. We look forward to lớn providing the lademo version of one of the industry’s most storied và successful titles to lớn both new và longtime players và ensuring that people who love playing EA SPORTS FIFA Online today are recognized in the new game.”

Savannah Hahn, General Manager of EA Korea, said, “We are pleased lớn partner with Nexon, a worldwide leader, to lớn bring this title khổng lồ our fans in Korea. The agreement leverages the strength of Nexon’s global platkhung and the power of the EA SPORTS FIFA franchise khổng lồ deliver the highest unique service & game experiences khổng lồ one of the largest & most loyal markets in the world.”