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Two years later a rash of race riots unseen since the " red summer " of 1919 erupted around the country.
If the cognitive revolution erupted in 1956, the contextual revolution (at least in psychology) is occurring today.
We can therefore treat a newly erupted dome as a thin shell subjected to an internal pressure from the weight of the cryolava it contains.
A war of words and definitions erupted between the two factions, aided and abetted by the jazz press.
We conclude that the average composition of material erupted and available for erosion in the source regions varied along the arc.
An influential news magazine in the country has enumerated forty cases of ethno-religious conflict erupting within this period.
In response, periodic but intense rebellions erupted throughout the country over the next five years.
The article will begin by assessing the nature of the urban elites and the socio-economic systems in the key towns in which disturbances erupted.
Subsistence crisis heightened the concerns of the lower orders, the menu peuple, erupting in public protest on the streets.
A riot erupted as market women pelted the foreign troops with their goods and tried to shame them by removing their clothes.

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