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Dragon Ball Z MUGEN New Edition năm ngoái Game for PC. -When you were a child, I’m sure that you have watched aphenomenalanime named Dragon Ball. It has beenmade a game who is adapted fromthat anime. If you are a tín đồ of the anime, I am reallysure that you will never be bored. Because in this game you can play it withyour friover in arcade. This is a 2 chiều fighting game which has so many charactersto lớn play. And it will be benefit for you because you can get this game withcompletely không tính tiền.You will have a chanceto explore each characters skills & use it based on your own way.

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The first figure in this game is Songoku. Songoku has greatskill name kamehame. He can change himself to be super saiya. With it, thestrenght of songoku becomes twice stronger. The hardest enemies of Songoku isFreeza and Bhu. As a player, you can choose either the first figure of play asthe enemy. In this game there are available some features you choose. Such asarcade, versus, etc. And there is “option” menu that you can phối the gameas what you want, such as the place, arena, audio, graphic, player setting etc.It is a good game to play with more than one players.


Songoku Fight against his enemy an an aremãng cầu. Stamimãng cầu andBlood had by the players shown in the top of screen. When the blood is already empty,then the player will die & it can be started from the beginning again. Eachcharacter has their own special skill that can be used in a certain condition. You can also choose the place or the arena which is available in the setting thực đơn.

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DownloadDragon Ball ZMUGEN2015New Edition for PCDownload LinkHave you ever seen the last movie of Long ball? In their you will know God of goku, who get power by combine 6 super saiyan. Then what is the surprise? in tis game edition, you will found it here, with red aura lượt thích in the movie one. Make sure lớn try it, and tell me what vị you think about this new char.

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Dragon Ball Z MUGEN New Edition 2015 PC Game

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