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Indeed, the " extremist " label better fitted the hardline fundamentalists who vehemently denounced the religious right.
They did not seem lớn take inlớn account that the play, aý muốn other things, denounced the exploitation often surrounding immigration.
Unreasoning use of therapeutic và prophylactic antimicrobial and antivector agents is deservedly denounced.
Again, it is true that some critics denounced all ceremony as irrational & barbaric at worse, and expensive sầu at best.
He denounced the practice of approving libretti for production without consulting the composer, or sometimes before a composer had even been selected.
While the libretkhổng lồ extolled virgins và denounced fallen women, the songs and dances did the opposite.
More lamentable was that few people dared khổng lồ speak the truth, because doing so would inevitably result in being denounced.
They each struck out against the inequities inherent in the tariff system và denounced the increasing governmental activism associated with high tariff rates.
At last, in 1636-7, they published works which denounced the government of bishops within the church.
The opposition parties denounced the contest as fraudulent, & boycotted the subsequent parliamentary elections.
All parties appear to lớn gain by denouncing the hypocrisy behind the subterfuge of denying that the con-ict had been a war.
Educators in the early twentieth century persistently denounced the effects of child labour on schooling.
Environmentalists advocate "the precautionary principle" whenever there is a threat of ecological catastrophe và are denounced as catastrophists by their opponents for doing so.

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Protestant casuists denounced the use of tactics of equivocation and mental reservation in taking oaths.
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