Blade & Soul Closed Beta Gets A Start Date

The first of several closed betas for the upcoming martial arts MMO Blade và Soul will begin at the over of October, publisher NCSoft announced today.

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The beta will start Oct. 30 & will be the first of at least five beta weekends comprising at least 20 days. Blade và Soul, which has been available in Korea since 2012, is coming to lớn the west in the early winter of năm 2016.

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Beta access is open lớn players who have already pre-purchased one of the "Founder"s Packs" for the game, which grant beta & early access along with some in-game items. Others may get in by signing up on the Blade và Soul official trang web.

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For more on what"s in store for the beta, NCSoft is holding a livestream at 1 p.m. ET. Or see"s previews from May.

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